Quick portraits with on camera flash

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Re: Quick portraits with on camera flash

Will the subjects be coming to you, or will you be going to them? I gather from you second post it is the latter.

If you must move from room to room, I suggest a bounce card such as Thien shows above. My own is cut from a white plastic bottle and attached with velcro, but you can use foamcore, mat board or any number of other materials.

In my newspaper days I did a lot of jobs like this with an off-camera cord holding the flash in my left hand. These days I would use a lightweight stand with a remote -- either radio or the camera TTL system. You can carry the stand and flash assembled from room to room. Balance the flash with ambient light for best effect -- you may need a gel to match the lighting colors. I set the camera to show the histogram on the review screen so I can keep a quick eye on exposure.

Unless you need to show the different work areas, try to convince the client to bring the people to you so you can set up lights and a background. You will probably be on site longer (at least one of them will be late) but the work will be simpler.

You might go to the Strobist site and look through the On Assignment section for more ideas.

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