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Re: Bibble conversion

Jim Kaye wrote:

Someone mentioned using Bibble and the Noise Ninja plugin but I
didn't see a posting, so I tried my hand at it. (I am using NX2 more
and more now, but I use Bibble for high-volume work where ultimate IQ
isn't needed, like high school sports shooting -- it is just so much

I was going to post a Bibble conversion. Mine was pretty well identical to yours. I'm surprised that the other conversions were so dark, contrasty and lacking in colour. I guess these things are a matter of taste, but I do find Bibble easier to work with and that it provides more detail and better colours. It's not perfect, but there are very few images that I have the need to revert to NX for quality reasons.

The problems always come in when the details are
the same size as the pixels -- then it's much harder for any NR
procedure to distinguish between details and noise, and the results
get less satisfactory (especially areas of the image like hair, for
example, where there are patterns to the detail which can easily be
mistaken for noise and gen inappropriately smoothed out). At least
that's my experience. In those situations, I often prefer to leave
more "grain" (i.e., turn the luma NR setting down) and concentrate on
chroma NR almost entirely.

Agreed. You also need to be careful of sharpening in these situations. Bibble can provide sharper images in my experience (if that's what you want), but you have to be very careful with sharpening if you're doing NR with NN.

Brian D

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