5D focusing screen Ee-S ?

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karwaiwesley Junior Member • Posts: 44
Re: 5D focusing screen Ee-S ?


This is the first I have read about MF tolerance problems with the
5D. I'm not doubting what you say at all, I want to know more about
it! All the time I have been blaming my technique (which must still
be true to a certain extent) but if the camera is known to have
issues with MF, I need to get this fixed.

I used thin slices of 3m scotch tape on the sides of the screen. I noticed the error and removed the default shim in the 5D then fine tuned with scotch tape. Trust your eyes, the method should work. Here's my exchange on the fredmiranda forum.


Incidentally, the darkening effect on slower lenses is quite
noticable, especially in low light of course. I am wondering if it is
possible to measure how much it does darken the VF on slow lenses?

Sorry, not sure about that.


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