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Re: On the trade-off between resolution and high ISO performance...

matthew saville wrote:

No, because all FX lenses work on DX too. And most ALL consumers who
have a DX body already have a DX kit lens, or two, and that's all
they need. A D60 and an 18-55 VR, or a D90 and an 16-85 VR, etc. DX
IS the standard for consumers.

Quite rightly so. They don't really need any less DOF at equivalent focal lengths and when the technology used in the D3 sensor finds its way into the smaller sensors (or if that happens - I think Sony sensors are dirt cheap because they sell in such huge volumes) there'd be nothing more that the consumers could ask for.

But I'm having tough time imagining a kit lens living on a D300 all the time...

DX sensors also make it a LOT easier to design lenses though, don't
they? Smaller sensor equals easier light angles?

Quite true.

These 1st
generation DX ultra-wides, the Nikon 12-24 and Canon 10-22, give the
high-end, high-dollar, full-frame ultra-wides quite a run for their
money, even though the full-frame lenses are on their 2nd or third

Super wide angles for the sake of super wide angles don't really turn me on, but I can see your point. The Canon seems quite a winner, especially. But then again, there's nothing like the Nikkor 14-24 f/2.8...

Indeed. However my reasoning DOES carry over to DX very well- moms
and dads would really be best off If Nikon stopped at 12 megapixels
for DX. My fear is of course that the next DX camera will go to 14
megapixels at least, and there WILL be a high ISO consequence to pay.
At least that's my fear. I hope I'm wrong!

The 12MP really seems like the highest sensible count. Sony won't stop there, however, because they are so heavily, deeply marketing oriented [my personal opinion, which stems from distaste towards their other business (they've more or less single-handedly destroyed video gaming)].

Now, there's an idea - worth stealing from Canon. : )

Indeed, but from what I hear, the Canon sRAW files are what, 2
megapixels or less? I'd LOVE to have a straight-up 40-50% resolution
file, say 5 MP RAW from 12 MP native sensors . I'd shoot nothing BUT
that for tricky lighting events like theater...

They're effectively half the linear resolution, which means dividing the image size by four. If we had an 18MP sensor, it would give you an high quality 4.5MP file. Neat, I'd say, coming from a 6MP D70...

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