weddings, fashion, portraits: mkIII 1d or 1ds???

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CMYK Press Print

and large format print require higher resolution.
We print our catalogues on 340 line screen, which

requires 400+ dpi input to fully utilise it. I use a 1DSII and its good for a single
page and just ok for a page spread. If you want to compete in the fashion market

a 1DSII is minimum in my opinion. Most better fashion guys use backs but I strongly believe that a 1DSIII is good enough. I have done many weddings with my 1DSII and I would not want to swap it for less.

If I have to decide on a new camera now it would be the 1DSIII with a second hand 1DSII as a backup or if I would be on a tight budget I'd go for the 1DSII or two :))

I had a 1DII as a backup for weddings but never needed the speed, so I sold it and use an old S2 as a backup or for candids (but rarely).

I have looked and compared the Nikon D3 but it is no competitor in image quality even to the 1DSII (I compared the D3 with the 200/2 against my 1DSII with the 200/1.8 ). I am waiting for the Nikon 24MP because I have lenses in both systems and usually prefer the Nikon lenses. I use them a lot on my 1DSII with an adapter.

If you start out in the fashion market a 1DSII is sufficient I'd say to get your foot in. Lower end fashion is done on a lot less.

I consider the 1DSII the best bargain. You can pick them up at 3-4k so you save some bucks to complete your lens collection.

Sports, News etc is mostly ok with a 1DII or 1DIII but for this I'd prefer the Nikon D3. the MarkIIIs have not really excited me although the larger screen or focus adjust is a nice thing. However the MarkIIs were already very good cameras and will continue to be, I just don't like the ergonomics in the IIs that much, but it;s just a tool isn't it?

good luck

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