weddings, fashion, portraits: mkIII 1d or 1ds???

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Re: weddings, fashion, portraits the 1Ds3 or 5D is where to be...

YordanRhapsody wrote:

hi everybody, at september I will buy a new camera for weddings,
fashion photography, portraits...

1Ds3 hands down.
You do not need fast frame rate for these imaging jobs.
The image quality of the 1Ds3 is far superior in the entire Canon line.

I find it surprising that Canon advertises their 1D3 with wedding shots in their brochures.

If the 1Ds3 is too much of an investment, then the fallback position would be the 5D not the 1D3. A 5D2 may be shown to the market this year, late Aug, 2008 if we're lucky.

I'll be in line early for this puppy, about 15MP+, and very good low-light performer, and the other improvements that have been shown on the 1D3 and the D450...

Fashion, Wedding, Portraits are specialties for the 1Ds3 and the 5D...

If you're working indoor gymnasium events, then the 1D3 is where to be.

I need a camera with a very good AF so 1d or 1ds!

now, how many mpixel I will need for my uses? do you think that
10mpixel with a little better noise performance will be better than
21.9mpixel with better viewfinder but larger image files?

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