Fujifilm Finepix S100FS: first impressions and images.

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Re: mskad

Sorry, I had not seen the links below your photos. Now I understand better your results

( Just for curiosity and because I liked the frames you use: how do you do that frames to the images? I mean, the semi-transparent border (and out of focus too, I think) over the image with a thiny black or white line inside, and so on... )

I supose you use photoshop, but what are the steps to follow?

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[ 'The negative or raw image, is like a partiture; the copy is its interpretation.' Ansel Adams

The final result then, will depend on the interpreters that could have that negative.]

[ 'El negativo o imagen cruda, es como una partitura musical; la copia es su interpretación.' Ansel Adams

El resultado final dependerá entonces, de los intérpretes que pueda tener ese negativo. ]

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