XSi vs XS for first time DSLR?

Started Jun 10, 2008 | Discussions thread
Jerbian New Member • Posts: 14
Re: XSi vs XS for first time DSLR?

I would rather go for the XS assuming there will be a substantial difference in price (more than 100$)

The only big differences that may impact the choice:
and in a very less extend the resolution

I do not understand canon, they are cannibalizing their own product. The XSI was already a good alternative for the D40 but since the D40 was relatively old and about to be replaced it was acceptable... but in this case they are killing the new born XSI. Consumers and mainly new DSLR entrants will either take the XS or go to the next level: 40D or 50D. I am guessing that canon did not reach their objective in term of sale... I would have rather went for a discount ...

In the resell market I am expecting XSI value to drop which is an additional argument to to go for the XS...

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