Do we have better macro subjects than ugly bugs?

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Re: Do we have better macro subjects than ugly bugs?

since you like man made about 100$ bill?

not that many man made objects is worth a shot for me though...not really interesting.

Usualy one does not buy a lens and then look for a use for it, but rather the opposite. One usualy buy a lens when there is a need for it.

So if you cannot find a use for a macro lens on your own, I guess that's probably because you don't need one.

Sometimes insects can be quite surprising with macro look. some are absolutely those who build these little cocoons like nest:

and some can be really beautiful:

ns66 wrote:

well yes nature's creation like bugs have fine tiny details compared
to man made objects, but i never find bugs pretty that i have the
urge to look any closer LOL

any suggestion of prettier macro subjects (well we know about flowers

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