F20 is water resistant - anyone know how much more can it stand ?

Started Jun 9, 2008 | Discussions thread
Brad Nichol Regular Member • Posts: 117
Here's a tip

Here is a little tip that costs next to nothing and might help.

Find an old skylight or UV filter that is not scratched, then take a Ziplock plastic bag and cut a neat hole in the side of it, and attach the filter to the hole with some gaffing tape, leaving the centre of the filter clear.

Then all you need to do is pop the camera in the bag and hold the lens against the filter and you can get shots without getting the little dear wet. It is quiet easy to operate the camera through the bag and see the screen.

If you want you could stick some rubber buffer of some type to the lens surround so it doesn;t slip against the surface of the filter.

Zero-one imaging

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