a 350 is not a fair test

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Re: Hasselblad Jr.

Good point, Graham. I'm primarily a studio shooter, and I'm gonna get the full frame immediately. Maybe I should replace the A700 with the A350 as a backup? That tilt screen has a nice waist level finder vibe.

Graham Best wrote:

If Sony had marketed this a bit differantly, I wonder what the
perception would be.

I'm hoping the new full frame will be introduced at an unbelievable
price, but I'm realistically expecting the price to be in the $3500
range. If so, the A350 would be a perfect companion to my A700, more
so to me than a second A700.

Poor high ISO performance? So what. I'd expect a $30,000 Hasselblad
to turn in similar poor high ISO images. For owners of the A350, if
you're trying to shoot in low light, throw a flash on the camera. For
the majority of your shots, be content that you have one of the best
resolving cameras on the market, for a price they were charging for
point and shoots mere months ago.

I am a licensed general contractor. I have 8 different pneumatic
nailers, each perfect for the job intended. (I won't even mention the
number of saws I have. ). A single tool seldom provides the best
performance for all jobs. The A350 may not be the best camera on the
market for everything, but for what it does well, it does very well.

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