What is AS-ME-1 v ME-1 Eyecup and is Pentax O ME53 Better??

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Re: pentax O EM53

i have both ME! and the Pentax O ME5

the Pentax is cheaper (ebay) and better, its magnification is more, and it has more eye relief
put this thing on E3 and the OVF is bigger than 5D

problem is, it doesnt fit

You need to remove the rubber eye cup off the camera, so you can see whats going on when you make attempts to make it fit. Better to disassemble the mag finder so that you can keep the parts safe from scratches, and when it all goes back together its clean. Just unscrew the 4 screws with a jewellers driver.

Now the finder wont fit because the rear lug is too thick and because the gap isnt wide enough. With a thin file, take some of the rear material off the mag finder, and take material from the inside gently a bit at a time. Mostly you are removing material from the inside gap, on the side toward the camera. You dont need to remove much, keep trying it for fit, and after about 10 minutes you will have figured it out and have it fitting.

See in this photo, the rubber eyecup removed, the four screws you undo to take it apart. Not much material is removed from the rear, a little more from the lugs on the reverse of that rear material, that are inside the gap.

you are looking at the face of the finder that fits toward the camera, with the rubber eyecup removed. You can see mine is quite rough, thats ok, it works just the same. And you can see the Pentax brand, which should tell you not much material is removed.

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