a 350 is not a fair test

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Re: a 350 is not a fair test

kobi b wrote:

the minolta 50mm that they tested is wors than the canon and the nikon
lenses i had the chance to review it my self vs canon 50mm and the
canon turned to be much much beter. my opinion is that test shuld be
made with one sort of lens somthing like sigma 50mm for all cameras,
how can dp review test a camera
with complitly different lenses ,there assumption that all lenses
from nikon pentax canon etc, all f1.4 are the same , thats not true,
go to photozone.de and you
will see my point. what do you think ??????


What do I think? I think you need to understand lenses better before opening your mouth like that. The minolta 50mm is probably the sharpest 50mm they have. I don't know what "your review" is based on. Any proper, scientific tests? Or just 5 seconds of "shoot shoot shoot"?

They son't assume that all lenses are the same, but it's a valid assumption that at f/5.6 to f/8, the lenses will perform similarly enough and it's the camera sensor that becomes the limiter.

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