a 350 is not a fair test

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Slagging the Minolta 50mm

kobi b wrote:

the minolta 50mm that they tested is wors than the canon and the nikon

These lenses are old enough to have been compared at the old photodo site where they all get an identical score of 4.4:


The Minolta may fall off some in the corners of FF, but for f/8 and APS-C there is little practical difference.

lenses i had the chance to review it my self vs canon 50mm and the
canon turned to be much much beter.

Just because you did not have a good copy doesn't invalidate the test.

there assumption that all lenses
from nikon pentax canon etc, all f1.4 are the same ,

No, the assumption is that at f/8 or f/9, the lens outresolves the sensor by enough to not matter. Most tests seem to agree on this point.

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