A350 Review Shows DPR BIAS

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A350 Review Shows DPR BIAS

But not against Sony...

For a long time there has been an easy class distinction between P&S and DSLRs

I think the review porints it out, but doesn't embrace that Sony has made a lower end DSLR that is targeted at more at the casual user.

Yet its conclusion is against the the DSLRs all still targeted at the advanced and up user.

On the SOny board you willl see tons of beautiful A350 shots..

How can this be with only "Reccomended" IQ?

Simple.. its the other DPR BIAS .. all judgements are made at 100% crop.. not at normal viewing sizes.. how many 6foot wide prints will ever be made by A350 users..? Then viewed from 2 feet away?

So the IQ comparision has no useful value to end use.. it is a technical Geek measure now. DPR has always suffered because it totally ignores print output as a comparision or even standard screen resolutions..

So to win a DPR IQ comparision you can wash out the colors and keep some grain so it looks detailed at 100% crop..

But if you look at the A700 Bailey's tree vs the D300 bailey tree at even the right scale for at an A3 print.... the Sony wins.. because all the pebble grain that looks like detail at 100% can't be seen but the depth of tones the A700 keeps that the Nikon tosses in its NR means the tree has more detail in the dark branches where it is just one grey area in the nikon.

These are the A700 and D300 ISO 1600 shots from the reviews..as a 4 foot wide print would look (anyone printing ISO 1600 at 48 inches wide? No?)

Now hit the zoom out link on both and go to a 24 inch wide print.. Now the Sony has more branch detail than the Nikon but the GRAIN that looks like detail has no affect so the tree is flatter

Do it again to a 12inch print "letter sized / Screen sized" Sony clearly shows more detail in the tree because of the color depth it preserved.



I think there is clearly a place for comparison at 100% crop.. but with cameras over 6MP it is meaningless to the final output in real world.. And in the end I want a CAR review to talk about highway handeling not race track handeling..

DPR needs to look at:

Telling users useful info about real output sizes.. a Print IQ rating of somekinid

I would also say that maybe highend P&S and entery level DSLRs need to be compared more because of the target user vs just the formfactor.

I also wonder if if there is a way look at camera best vs. default settings.. because I know Sony has always tended to start softer in jpgs.. but there are settings for those that don't PP and for PP that gives the user more room to adjust to thier tasted

I think I would like to know what settings the HIGH ISO were shot at.. if the NR was left on ... then I think the comparison is not fare.. it doesn'te tell what the camera can really do.

Anyway.. I am not going to rant that the review is unfair to Sony.. I think it is unfair to lots of users who would enjoy the Sony.. because they may not realize the "flaws" that gave it the lower rating..just won't show up when they actually use the images.

If there were an "aboslute IQ" and an 8x10 IQ.. that would give a fair bit of info to the user..
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