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Re: Nikon user joined the A200 club

Bobadger wrote:

Welcome to the club! I went from a D50 (which I still use for indoor
flash and with the excellent 55-200mm VR) to the A200 (and also a BB
A700). The 200 is great, especially for JPGs. Creative style
settings are a matter of how you prefer your colors to look, and I
recommend that you experiment with all of them. Personally, I use
Vivid with Sharpness at+1, but mostly I use the A200 for grandson

Thanks. Before I also had D50 and recently moved to D80 and A200. I like more vivid colors but found it's possible to achieve same by changing saturation in any Creative style mode. Unfortunatelly I don't know in which way every CS mode change individual colors. Is anywhere some color charts shot in every CS mode?

For example I like vivid colors but don't like when they are blown out. Nikon very easily blow out red channel in IIIa color mode which is for landscapes. That's also one reason why I'm shooting raw with Nikons. And now I'm searching for some setting on A200 which is vivid as possbile but at the same time doesn't blow out very easily any of RGB channel. Does something like this exist?

Thanks in advance

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