1ds3 for fashion on location [pics]

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Re: Help the unitiated understand

Thanks for sharing your thaught. Your work most certainly evokes a sentiment that is not commonplace. Once I visted your online gallery, I just could not stop until I had the pleasure of admiring most of your work there. In addition to the models, the city set without the heads was a thaught provoking one and an inspiration for the next time I decide to go shoot street photogs. It was uncanny to see how the sentiment of the photo changes with a simple change in prespective and the center of attention missing from the photo.

Thanks again for sharing.

I like your curious aproach. This is some pics from a serie where
I've done what I like, and where I am in my own "evolution point" at
the moment (eventhough it sounds extremely pretentious). Its a
combination of inspiration from others (Fulvio Maiani/Steven
Meisel/Diego Uchitel/Camilla Åkrans, and so on...) and my own

About broken rules... I shoot mainly "rule-based" stuff all days, so
this kind of work is where I can just focus on my own rules based on
work from photographers mentioned above. Rule of thirds, lightning,
classic posing and so on is replaced by different rules with more
"tones" in its scale. But its not only about whats in the view finder
when exposing, its also about the post work - contrasts, color scales
and so on down to sharpening techniques that differs alot from "the

Well, I dont know what else I can say but repeating my start. I like
your curious aproach!

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