Nikon user joined the A200 club

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Re: Nikon user joined the A200 club

carljervis wrote:

Dayd, welcome to the club! I love the A200 too, but the missus won't
let me play with hers!

What sort of nature photography do you do?

Thank you. Most ususaly I'm shooting gardens and flowers for gardening magazine. I made some comparison with D80 and A200 Multi segment metering doesn't blow out highlights so easily like for example Matrix metering on D80. This is very good cause I can shoot just JPGs without worries.

I've been shooting raw
since I got my 5D, and use aperture priority mainly, especially with
both the 500mm and 105mm macro, but have tried using the raw+jpg mode
on the A200. Not at all familiar with the mode settings, but even
untweaked, find the A200 jpgs very much comparable to a processed raw

On D80 with Sigma 150 macro I'm using Shutter speed priority or Manual mode. For best results with this lens I need 1/500 sec and then I get at least 90% super sharp images. With Nikon I'm always shooting raw so that later I can pull out some details from shadows or highlights.

A200 have SSS and that's why I'm using this camera mostly in Aperture priority. I also agree with you that I don't see much of use shooting raw with A200 (maybe for high ISO shoots but I'm not using this camera for this). Nice multisegment metering and D-R+ denies my need for shooting raw. D-R+ automaticaly pulls out some details from shadows and highlights and saves my time to do the same later with raw.

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