Pan/Leica 14-150 w/E3 ( 9 imgs) Any comments welcome.

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Pan/Leica 14-150 w/E3 ( 9 imgs) Any comments welcome.

I followed Brian Mosley's and Rich Simpson's threads on this lens and ended up buying one-- just got it today and shot around the house and garden. No great photos here, but some do show the capability and character of the lens IQ, IMO. All these photos were exposure tweaked (slightly), and sharpened (slightly) in PSP9. This is part of my standard prep for photos.

I am really very, very impressed after just shooting 200 handheld images. I'm not used to posting so we'll see how it goes. All pics at ISO 400-- it was overcast. All handheld. Note, these are not meant to be "tests"-- just in the field pics. I do a lot of CF stuff so that's what most of these are. I love the sharpness, colors, and contrast of this superb lens. I'll try to post some tripod shots in the next few days.

This portfolio is at:

150mm, f5.6@ 1/750

44mm, f8 @ 1/250 maidenhair fern

150mm, f8 @ 1/500 clematis

14mm, f22 @ 1/90-- monkey puzzle tree

74mm, f11 @ 1/350-- rhododendron

150mm, f5.6 @ 1/500

14mm, f16 @ 1/250

35mm, F5.6 @ 1/45-- my neighbor Craig & son Matthew-- liked the north lighting

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