Is a FF price war coming? Check Sony A900 in that forum.

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Re: If the FF is like the A350 it is DOA.

jerryk wrote:

I agree. The A350 sounds like a big disappointment.

Also,people need to remember that the most important component of the
DSLR system is the glass. That is where you should invest your money.

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Two things from a Sony user: Don't mistake the low end CCD sensor Sony is using in the consumer A350 with their CMOS technology that is in the A700, D300, and the upcoming fullframe. The IQ in the fullframe will be fine. Also, the three fullframe Zeiss lenses are best in class across the board, and 4-6 more are coming soon. Sony's glass IS one of the reasons I'm going with them, coming from Hasselblad. I'm blown away by my Zeiss 24-70 2.8

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