Sony FF in June... And more?

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Re: Sony FF in June... And more?

Dave Redmann wrote:

And if they want any more CZ cropped sensor lenses, then a 16-, 17-,
or 18- to 50-, or 55mm f/2.8 would be nice, but I suppose unlikely,
given the CZ 16-80mm f/3.5-4.5 and the presumptive introduction of an
upper range FF and maybe even, with the next six months to a year, a
mid-range FF to compete with the Canon 5D / 5D Mk. II.

I would say that most indicators point to the upcoming fullframe to be the 5DMkII competitor, so I don't think we'll be waiting long.

Also, Jason's right. A 50mm 1.2 Zeiss may be a fortune.

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