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Re: DP2

I want one with a zoom. I bought a Leica Digilux 2 (D2) recently as an alternative to carrying my K10D with a heavy zoom. The size is bigger than the DP1 because of the 28mm - 90mm f/2.0-2.4 zoom, but still much smaller and lighter than my K10D with the 24mm-70mm equivalent. In fact, the D2 with lens weighs the same as my K10D body. The problem is that while the camera takes beautiful pictures, the smaller 5MP sensor just can't compete with a Dslr or the DP1. I want a DP2 or DP3 with a zoom as a everyday replacement for my Dslr. For me it doesn't need to as small as the DP1, or as fast as the D2, although I would like to keep a similar zoom range as the D2. The Foveon chip seems to me ideal for my type of photography (primarily nature photography); I would just like to see it is a smallish package, with a zoom, and a large sensor. I would buy that camera today if it existed.--

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