Sony FF in June... And more?

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Re: Sony FF in June... And more?

rashkae2 wrote:

futile32 wrote:

Sony FF by the end of the month would be a wise choice.. RE the
Olympics... However i think its doubtful as it'd leave Sony without a
bag of tricks come PMA. Unless they unleash a second (faster/low res)
FF as has been rumoured here recently.

Most likely senario from my reading and common sense, points to:
Announced in PMA and available Nov 08. Liklihood lenes will be
16-35mm F2.8 and 24mm F1.4. No 70-200mm! Why replace a good lens.

Simple: You replace it with a version designed using modern computer
technology, lens coatings and materials. Sharper and cheaper to

I dont think they are replace the 70-200G, that was defined as super telephoto zoom, 200mm are just a normal telephoto lens & i also believe that sony will now to produce more type of lens instead of improving on their lens at the same time the current 70-200G are really good lens. If they are replacing i guess they will obselete early like the 85mm F1.4 G and replace with CZ?

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