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Re: Antony

Antony Ellguy wrote:

Ludovic Monchat wrote:

I found your critique a bit tough in terms of level of detail. The
bride's eyes for instance surely need some PP, but is this job
included in your forfaits ??

Well, personally, if I was presenting images for external review, I
would make sure things like this were addressed. Wrinkles etc. need
to at least be minimised. I feel that it is important to point issues
like these out to inexperienced wedding photographers, as it's not
always something they realise is important.

To the OP, I hope you don't find my critique too harsh, that wasn't
intended, but seriously, that's how you improve - not through dozens
of "Great shots" posts that tell you nothing about what you can do to



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i believe your comnts would onyl be conidered harsh if you didn't offer a true solution or a contributive suggestion to improve the photograph. sure, critique can be a teeny bit paiful, but if you act on it, it could lead to greater rewards over time..

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