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DEET vs Picaridin vs Permethrin

Permethrin has an excito-repelllent effect and is also a toxicant. Thus it can repel but also kill the insect. Yes Permethrin can be broken down quickly in the body but some people can develop allergic skin irritation when in contact with the chemical; if this happens, stop using it. Permethrin comes in various forms but it can be purchased in most countries from outdoor stores where it is often sold for impregnating mosquito bed nets. Some countries have Permethrin in spray tins; Permanone is the US was one such product. In South Africa they have another synthetic pyrethroid, flumethrin, available in an aerosol. I have used this product in Australia while undertaking tick risk assessments and have never recieved a tick bite! Without repellents I have had to remove more than 300 larval ticks from myself.

In terms of repellents my recommendations are to use either a DEET or Picaridin product on the skin; it is better to use creams rather than sprays as they can be more thickly applied. You can use DEET/Picaridin sprays on the clothing but be aware that DEET can damage nylon based fabrics. Otherwise wash the clothes in permethrin and reapply every 3 or so uses.

As to DEET vs Picaridin. DEET has been around for quite some time and when applied according to the label instructions is safe and effective. Tests in our laboratory against mosquitoes have shown that the higher concentrations of DEET provide a longer duration of protection but not greater protection. This means the lower % DEET formulations need to be reapplied, usually at least every two hours.

Picaridin was developed in Germany by Bayer as an alternative to DEET. Picaridin has less smell, feels better to put on and has lower mammalian toxicity than DEET, in fact Picaridin is every approved for use on children under 12 months in Europe. If using Picaridin go for the 19% formulation, the 9% was not very effective in trials against ticks.

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Daniella wrote:

Justme wrote:

Daniella wrote:

Any one having problem with ticks when going out to photograph
wildlife and birds?

Fortunately, not so far. Yesterday I was walking thru a field of
tall grass in shorts and running shoes. Maybe it's not a habitat for
tics so no bites. But if one did latch onto me, I'll be ticked off.

It's getting a real problem for me and often when I return from
shooting I can have as many as 5 ticks on me. I never been bitten
until yesterday..when I found one that was firmly attached to my neck
after the photo shoot in the field.

Now I had DEET insecticide on me and it did not help it seem..what else?

I read that Duranon works well but can't find that in Montreal, Quebec.

Anyone know where to buy this stuff in Canada? It's made with
permethrin and it is a clothes treatment. It protect clothes for a
minimum of 2 weeks, even when washed and it is also good against

Does it kill the mosquito too or just keep them from biting?

I think it repeal them and kill them if they still go on the clothes.

it's what the military use when going in the field.

any idea where to get that in Canada? it's the only thing that will
really work on ticks since DEET does not seem to work well on clothes
and it stink anyway. This stuff has no odor.

Are there any side-effects? I'm wondering why it isn't available in
Canada....not tested and approved by Health Canada?

simply because no company yet have requested a brevete. The company
that got the permission for military use is now requesting general
public use.

It's totaly safe. I have read though that one must wear gloves to
put the product on clothes but once dry there is no problem. I have
also read that the liver break down this product very quickly so no
problem if some get absorbed through the skin.

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