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Personal Review of DP1


Background: A Canon shooter from the beginning - from the Canon s400 (Elph) to the G series, to the original Rebel, to the xxD series, to the 1 series and now own a Rebel, 40D and 5D. After all these years being a photographer and an artist, I can say that I am confident enough to make a decision on what works for me in a camera and what doesn't based on my shooting style.

DP1: I'm sure everybody had the same reaction when opening the box: "They forgot the camera!!". IT was literally tucked in the corner underneath a flap.......its unlike an Apple product where it is displayed in the center front when you open the package. I appreciate the way Sigma discreetly packaged and tucked this camera - it carries over to its philosophy - a small, discreet camera hardly anyone would notice

I've read the review so I am aware of the issues..... for most of my shooting style, speed is not a necessity (There are a few times though when I wished it was ready to shoot - but that happens once in a blue moon.......) and I kinda like the way it paces itself so you can look around and seek other opportunities to shoot the same scene - it will literally force you to move around!!!

LCD - non-issue. I just saw the LCD of the old Canon D60 - YIKES!!! At least you can kinda judge the focus of your image on this one. It is also fast at reviewing images (zooming in and out) - good for chimping Focusing: A bit annoying - especially on low light situations. I've learned to look for hard contrast on a scene and use a focus and recompose technique - this seems to work 90% of the time. Manual focusing is kind of a pain to use - I honestly have never applied it. And at 28mm f4, its kinda hard to miss focus once the subject is on a distance.

I am really a big fan of the size and weight - I can carry this with me everyday and have it around my neck without noticing it is there. (This is the main reason why I sold my 1 series - TOO HEAVY!!!). It just brings a newfound joy in my photography to not be burdened in taking shots of things I see everyday. Another advantage is that I have this baby with me in my bag everyday - its charger sits right next to my cell phone charger..... this alone takes away the regret when you have that perfect light and wish you had a camera with you (aside from the one on your cell phone).

SPP - SLOW!!! But reliable so I'm not complaining. I am confident that Aperture, ACR or other RAW software will support Sigma RAW in the future. IMAGE QUALITY: OMG!!! This is where it shines!!! Seriously!!! Dynamic Range and Tonal quality is excellent. ISO 400 and ISO 800 - yes, I said ISO 800 is very useable. The color does desaturate a bit on the higher ISO's but I kinda like it. ISO 100 - to die for!!! Amazing details even at 4.7 mpx. Excellent lens also!!! Sharp from corner to corner even wide open. So for the image quality alone, you almost forget all its shortcomings...........

In the end, I am so happy I own this camera. I applaud Sigma for putting a compact camera with a large sensor - I know Sony and other companies have tried - but I think this is the smallest to date (Not sure how it compares to the RD1). For me, the price is well worth it based on portability and image quality: 2 things I value the most as a photographer



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