Paranoia about 5D screen

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Paranoia about 5D screen

Hello, I just noticed a few days ago (I've had the 5D for about 3 weeks) while I was trying out my new CF card reader that my 5D screen is weird.

Here is the problem:

In picture playback mode, as you know, a landscape mode picture has 2 thin black bands on top and bottom and in portrait mode it has 2 big bands on the sides of the screen to mantain aspect ratio.

Well, I noticed that on my 5D the bands are not black (deep black) but a rather light gray. This gray looks MUCH lighter than the black on the 400D screen and I find it quite annoying...

I feel that something is wrong since I feel that Iwould have noticed it much before (maybe)...

It just suddently hit me: "why are these bands on the screen so light????"

I know for sure it's not a brightness setting issue since I tried all possible combinations.

Also, when you turn the thumb wheel fast enough so pictures are still blurry and have to load, the bars on the screen turn black (as I think they should be). As soon as the photo loads the bars turn gray again.

I resetted all the 5D, tried another CF and tried my CF on a 400D but nothing changed...

Here is the question:

Is the 5D screen really like this and I never noticed?
Could the firmware be corrupted? (I have 1.1.1, can I still reflash?)
What can I do?

Thanks alot for reading and helping.

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