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Raghu R wrote:

Nice pictures
I am able to see PF in the windows of the car in the first picture
how can one remove this in PP

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What I normally do to remove PF is this (using PS Elements 5):

1. Select the 'Magnetic Lasso' Tool and carefully select the area of the PF.
2. Create a ' New Adjustment Layer' for Hue/Saturation (Layer menu).
3. From 'Edit' select 'Blues'.
4. Then use the eyedropper tool to sample the blue within that area.
5. Take the stauration down by typically 60-80% depending on the level required.
6. Adjust the lightness if required.

This can be repeated for each separate area of PF. The only downside to this is the increased file size due to additional layers. Otherwise, if you don't require re-editing then just miss out stage 2. Instead just select 'Adjust Color' then 'Adjust Hue/Saturation' (Enhance menu).

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