Thom Hogan writes more about Nikon's plans for the coming year

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Re: I agree with Thom

David314 wrote:

I also think it is a pretty good strategy - instead of slugging it
out on the low end with say an Olympus which seems to be losing money
on selling dSLR cameras - Nikon is going to go up a tier

I also was in a discussion with Thom and argued that the low end was
more important but I have to confess, I have changed my mind and it
was the D300 that has done it

I am not sure they have got it right but it is pretty clear this is the way they are going. I can see the danger of Sony's strategy - Lots of shelf space required and money tied up in stock when sales are slow. But cultivating a reputation for high end excellence and a camera that one aspires to does make a lot of sense provided their is one base model that is "good enough".

Since I bought one, i have been astonished by the number of people
who know about the camera and ask about it. Also, from the D300
forums i find a lot of people have bought it as their first DSLR.
The camera has held its price well and that is a great place to be.

I have noticed that too. I don't frequent the D300 forum but I have answered questions in the Beginners Forum from people with a D300 as their first cam asking about basic things like Depth of Field and the like.

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