Thom Hogan writes more about Nikon's plans for the coming year

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Re: No, no, no, no, no...

Thom Hogan wrote:

  • Fujifilm out of DSLRs but a new push in compacts.

I heard the S5 was not a great seller, but fuji owners are convinced a new "higher res" fuji is on the idea myself.

  • Pentax mostly out of compacts, emphasizing DSLRs.

Pentax are a small player for compacts..and most of them are not that great loss being honest. They need either a big K20d price cut, or something pretty nice to turn up soon.

  • Sony with so many low-end DSLR models, only one high.

Strange move, as a KM user I expected a mid point A500, never turned up. I think sony will sell well, esp with the low end stuff, A200 is very cheap in europe..and some do like the live view. Just dont look at the accessory prices! The A900 FF could turn heads..or it could just be a "trophy camera" ie we can do this..but sell not that well. I think its all low end push on sony...

  • Canon rumored going lower in DSLR models.

Agree, its getting a bit boring just putting out the "last years retired model" in the superbudget zone. canon look at nikon with their D40..and think..hmm we want some!

  • Sigma producing multiple APS compacts, no new DSLR.

SLR probably not, handles like a dead cat..shame, some potential. Sigma are appaling on prices..and the name doesnt pull buyers in. More APS compacts..can they release one that people can afford though???

  • Nikon with potentially 4 DSLRs that would be labeled "pro" (D300,

small FX, D3, D3x).

Looks pretty shocks there. Nikon need that D90 out ASAP though..time drags on.

And you have to feel for old Ken Rockwell, no new Nikon's to review..and I did like his "pizza critique"

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