Thom Hogan writes more about Nikon's plans for the coming year

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Re: No, no, no, no, no...

Thom Hogan wrote:

The curious thing is that we have players shifting all over the

  • Canon rumored going lower in DSLR models.

The so-called EOS 1000D? What, a cheapie 8-10 MP camera with LV?

  • Nikon with potentially 4 DSLRs that would be labeled "pro" (D300,

small FX, D3, D3x).

Looks like Nikon is getting back to where it was 40 years ago, the very top of portable camera market (essentially Nikkormat and F/F2 Photomic then, no compact, or, yes, one, Nikkorex, a big flop).

IMO a mistake, they should keep the entry-level market they earned (with a great effort), launching a D60+ at 12MP and LV for about 700USD and letting D60 slip to 450USD as D40 is now.

The present market requires all types of camera levels, since once one starts investing in lenses at the bottom, the chances of changing systems later is less and less.

One interesting fact: from 1948 (launch of first Nikon RF) to 1960 (end of RF cycle), Nikon sold the GRAND total of 140,000 RF bodies. Now, in one month, they sell about twice that number in dslr bodies.

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