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Re: No, no, no, no, no...

Diddlbiker wrote:

Both the above link and the Nikon PDF are fairly clear on the whole
thing and I don't understand why everyone is mis-interpreting this.

Well, read on. You may be misinterpreting it, too ; )

This year, we will shift the focus of our strategy to strengthening brand power,' > Kariya said. He indicated that he does not mind if his company is replaced by rival > Canon Inc as the top digital SLR camera seller in Japan this year in terms of > volume. According to Kariya, Nikon places more emphasis on profitability than on > a market share.

Is this so hard to read? "High end" refers to "DSLR" in general, as
opposed to compact cameras.

Actually, go back and read the quote you quoted. I'll give you a moment. Read it again. One more time.

Okay, note the words "top Japan." The remarks actually seem very narrowly focused to a particular question he was asked. They're being interpreted much more widely than I think they were intended. There were other comments made during the press conference and after-interviews that do seem to indicate that Nikon is more interested in shoring up product margin this year than market share, and I'm struck by the fact that Sony may end the year with more low-end DSLR models than Nikon.

The curious thing is that we have players shifting all over the landscape:

  • Fujifilm out of DSLRs but a new push in compacts.

  • Pentax mostly out of compacts, emphasizing DSLRs.

  • Sony with so many low-end DSLR models, only one high.

  • Canon rumored going lower in DSLR models.

  • Sigma producing multiple APS compacts, no new DSLR.

  • Nikon with potentially 4 DSLRs that would be labeled "pro" (D300, small FX, D3, D3x).

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