S100FS Owners--are you happy?

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Re: S100FS Owners--are you happy?

Correct, for example I print my large format photos with my Roland eco-solvent ink printer on digital vinyl, digita pvc, canvas etc. For economic reasons however I am not going to print photos with this printer that will disappear for ages in a photo album.

What I don't like about an inkjet printer is that the (cheaper range) home-use inkjets are almost disposable type printers - when replacing cartridges it almost cost the same as buying a new one with cartridges fitted.

The laser printers, even when using photo paper, don't print that same quality as a inkjet, but the running cost vs yield favours the laser printer. By running cost I include repairs, which is possible for most quality laser printers (Xerox, HP, Okidata etc) whilst it is unlikely that spares for an inkjet will be available (unless it is a large format printer?). Because not all of us run big photo labs, the laser printer is the weapon of choice for home use - printing large volumes of black/white letters, with the occasional colour letterhead/logo and still be able to print colour photos for albums that will in any case be hidden behind plastic laminate so that that crisp, CA/PF free detail cannot be appreciated in its full glory. I do appreciate my dedicated photo inkjet printer (Canon), but the running cost is not comfortable low enough to print that darn 2GB images after every weekend

My point was however, using the inkjet or laser, that some resolution of the original digital file will be lost with any of the two and be more severe with the cheaper range of ink/laser printers. Thus ... you buy yourself a more costly printer to suit that pro level, super-pocket-ripping-nice-to-play-and-nice-just-to-have well branded cam and lenses. Otherwise buy shares in the local digital Photo Lab .... or just view it on the PC/TV. Just a minor point about cost of ownership for the cheaper/costly camera range.

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