Wedding with Mark III, 85mm 1.2L,24mm 1.4L.....(pictures)

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Re: Wedding with Mark III, 85mm 1.2L,24mm 1.4L.....(pictures)
  1. 1 and bouquet are nicely done.

  1. 2 is just really a great picture, wedding or not. That pic captures the energy of the night, the city, and their emotions. One of the better wedding photos I've seen. Flash would not have helped IMHO. The noise just adds to it. They have a definite yellow cast, and that might or might not need to be worked on in PP (color balance is tough here, and the yellow is a "look" as well). Setting aside the yellowing issue, it's a very flattering photo of her, IMHO, which has to count for something.

From what I'm seeing, it looks like your 85 1.2 came through. (and the thumb's up reception photo looks sweet for the 24L too.)

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