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Re: DP2

chemelneme wrote:

I have a DP1 and I love it. For me at this point in time, there is no
equal to it.

Anyhow I'd buy a DP2 (and probably most people) if the following
issues where improved:

  • Foremost!!!! Autofocus!!! Something as fast as an entry level DSLR.

Yes! But if you look at DSLR's in LIVE VIEW mode the DP1 is already faster. I want one that performs like my Canon G9.

  • Resolution: 10mp Foven, chip size of 35mm film, would yield IQ far

beyond anything in the market right now.

No. These chips are as big as they are going to get until some technical hurdles are overcome. And a full size chip would make the camera far too large, especially when you take into account a lens to support it. Much more realistic would be better high ISO chroma noise control.

  • Better LCD.

Definitely, the LCD or image display engine on the DP1 is pathetic - but it may have been done this way to meet a price point.

  • Better response time (shutter lag, LCD lag), as fast as entry level


Always nice, but again I'd settle for something like the G9

  • JPEG + RAW files.


  • The current 28mm lens is great, but if they could do an F2.8 lens..

Then it would be perfect. And if Sigma could make interchangeable
lens system, then it'd be the holy grail of digital photography for

No, again this would make the camera much too large and heavy. Take a look at the current lens and souble the aperture area - too big and too much glass. Although I love the IDEA of a faster lens.

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