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I thought Epson always stated their intent was to produce a one-off technology demonstrator and never had further ambition - at least that's what I remember ?

stevielee wrote:

If sigma really does follow-up it's very interesting and bold foray
into DSLR type sensor compacts, they will need to address the basic
(other than just overall IQ), such as being able to process the image
at a modern, entry level DSLR processing speed (@ a very minimum of
1-2 FPS continuous for JPEG, and 1-2 FPS RAW up to 6 frames).

It also should have a responsive and accurate auto focusing -
especially in low light - with AF points that are button or dial
control selectable, and not buried in some maze of menus.

It MUST (my big beef with the DP1) have an integrated, onboard
viewfinder that allows the user to accurately view and frame an image
without major guesswork involved. Having to pay $150-175US for a $10
plastic OVF that has in it's current design almost zero practical
function, essentially forces most DP1 users to hold the camera at
arms length and squint into it's very poor LCD just to guestimate the
shot (unless they have been lucky enough to find a superior
Viogtlander 28mm VF).

Bring the LCD up to modern P&S or DSLR standards by providing better
resolution and or brightness for outdoor, strong or direct light
shooting. Also, provide real time feedback via the LCD as far as a
live histogram in concerned, and allow the cameras parameters to be
changed or modified - even though the images are still being written
to card - and not "lock up" for the writing duration as the DP1 does

And lastly, please, please do away with the pathetic, and totally
worthless current pop-up flash and put an onboard VF in it's place
(as stated by another poster in this thread).

I think that up until now, Sigma has successfully succeeded in
developing it's proprietary Foveon sensor technology as viable
alternative to the Bayer sensor - which is a very good thing for
digital imaging in general. It would be interesting to see if Foveon
could be made larger than the current 2x crop. (Maybe a 1.5x
crop with 6-8MP???).

Sigma has also excelled in it's optical endeavors - with some very
good to excellent lenses. I think that Sigma's real weakness at the
moment, is in providing technological performance, features and
advancements that compete favorably with the vast majority of today's
modern digital cameras - whether they be P&S - or DSLR's. They are
most certainly onto something that is potentially the "next big thing"
in digital imaging with the release of the DP1. But unless they are
able to address the basic technical needs and desires of the vast
majority of the DP1's potential customers that are taking a pass on
buying it because of it's real, or perceived limitations, the DP2
will - like it's predecessor - become another interesting niche
camera that sells in minuscule numbers that will barely cover the
cost of Sigma's R&D, and assure it's eventual demise. Think Epson

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