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Re: DP2 - built in OVF

MrPrime wrote:

The main thing I'd change would be to take out the flash to make
space for a built-in optical viewfinder with accurate framing and if
necessary shrink the LCD but increase pixel count on the LCD. This
way the package stays pocketable even with the OVF. The built in
flash is too weak for serious use, especially given the need for
strong wide coverage with a 16mm lens, so it's removal is not much of
a loss.

Excellent point! Is this REALLY a "serious" compact with that pathetic flash? You're absolutely right, it's taking up space better used by many things such as more processing power or a real finder.

And while they're at it rewriting the atrocious interface, how about adding a superimposition-type mode so you can accurately use the MF like a rangefinder.

They should abandon foveon altogether. Everyone's making a big deal about the sensor of the DP1...but let's be frank. ANY sensor that size would make a picture better than all other compacts. At ISO 100 it barely competes with 3 years-old bayer sensors. At high-iso's, it gets stomped. It's a cute concept, but bayer done well (canon, nikon, olympus) is FAR more power, speed, and cost effective. Oh, and Digic III chips literally write circles around whatever surplus parts sigma stuffed into the DP1. Note that THAT fact is pathetic - decoding bayer data is FAR FAR FAR more processor intensive than foveon data, and yet Canon and Nikon manage to do it roughly 20 times faster. Buy the sensor and processor from Canon or Sony or even just the seonsor (that's what Nikon and many other mfg's do, building their own processors). Not only would this make the DP1 quicker, it would make it cheaper! Oh, and it would be the best performing compact EVER in terms of low light, bad light, etc... all real world situations that aren't iso 100 "Foveon Showcase" lighting scenarios.

Offer it in 2 flavors - 28mm equivalent, 50mm equivalent. Fuji did this with their compact medium-format cameras. You still get all the performance and size advantages of prime lenses, except now you open your market to more photogs, not just landscape/flower shooters. And you also start tempting people to buy 2, instead of 1 of yours and 1 of someone else's camera. Hang one on a short strap and one on a long strap and it'll be like the old days with RF's.

Oh and last thing - rename the current model a DP.5 and apologize profusely for it - it's a beta unit. The next model will have to correct all the current flaws which should not have made it past QC. Dust on the sensor!??!?!? Come on. Let the DP2 eventually be the market response to a fully-developed camera.

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