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Nah, don't hold your breath...

I recommend instead that you continue to shoot once you've cleaned your lens/body/grip electrical contacts.

What I wouldn't recommend to anyone experiencing DBS with the D300 (or any other body) is a regime of constantly cycling the camera off and back on to keep shooting until the camera will shoot no more. If it turns out that there is an electrical resistance issue at play here, overheating of a component or circuit might be one bad result. For what it's worth, in six months of these posts now about DBS, I've yet to hear from someone who had worsening problems which ultimately did not respond to cleaning, who had stopped shooting to clean the contacts whenever encountering DBS symptoms.

If a simple swipe with a dry cloth doesn't cut it, more aggressive contact-cleaning measures may be called for. Many if not most of us who've tried a particular contact cleaner have found relief from DBS symptoms; I've been symptom-free for over 3 mos using DeOxIT once a month. Isopropyl alcohol worked, but not as well or as long. Admittedly the problem was quite aggravating at first, but with regular cleaning it's been little more than a minor annoyance (so long as maintaining a scrupulously clean lens mount and contacts continues to work to resolve it, that is. Suggest you pay particular attention to the bayonet and the F-mount).

Personally, I'd find it a huge waste of time & resources to send my equipment back to Nikon every time my gear needs cleaning, so I've always done this sort of maintenance myself. I'd prefer that the D300 weren't fussy on this front, but mine happens to be. Nevertheless, so long as there's a workaround, I'm reasonably delighted with the camera. (Just a bit underwhelmed by Nikon's response to DBS.)

Anyone terrified with the prospect cleaning lens contacts and mounts themselves will be best advised to avoid the D300, at least until Nikon issues a service advisory about DBS with a permanent cure. Otherwise you may be spending a lot of money on FedX every month or two should you be unlucky enough to get a D300 that has symptoms.

Ivan J. Eberle

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