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Critique and suggestions

Hi, hope you put these up for critique.

Shot 1. Don't like the sepia treatment. It looks like it still has some colour in it, but if that's so, there's not enough. You need to either leave more colour in it, so it just looks aged, or alternatively make it a true sepia. Pose is not flattering to the bride (teeth etc.)

Shot 2. This type of pose looks much better with a bride looking disinterested, with attention from the man. This type of feel works better due to societal mores etc. passed down from less liberated times. To have it the other way around creates a feeling of disdain on the part of the man. Bride's eyes need some work.

Shot 3. Nicer but needs to be a little more centred. Think about getting his focus on her, while she looks away.

Shot 4. Never never never do selective colouration if you can help it (and I know that much to my shame I have one in my gallery, but I plan to remove it in the website's next iteration). It was just a bad idea when it came out, and it's now an old fad. Otherwise the shot is great.

Shot 5. Distracting, not flattering to either party, snapshot-like.

Shot 6. Too much to one side, tree growing out of head. Think about shooting at a wider aperture to blur the background better. A little fill to help them pop would be nice.

If you are interested in doing more of this, have a read of an article I have written on wedding photography. You may find it interesting.

There are also many good books on the subject available. I recommend "The Best of Wedding Photography" by Bill Hunter and "Wedding Photography - Getting Perfect Results Every Time" by Ian Gee.

Best regards,


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