search (beta) feedback round-up 2nd June 2008

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search (beta) feedback round-up 2nd June 2008

All told we feel the server transition and beta search launch went well, though as has been pointed out, there are quite a few search tweaks which would be welcome.

Background: Why a new search feature?

  • Consolidation: content-specific searches as well as whole-of-site searches.

  • Accommodate wider range of users (new, casual and advanced).

  • Reduce reliance on 3rd party components

  • Platform for future site features

Issues with search beta (v20080531)

There has been a lot of useful feedback in the past few days (and some less useful). Please understand that whilst we will attempt to address as many frustrations as possible, we may not resolve issues in exactly the way suggested by the various OPs. That said, here's a round-up of the major themes coming through the various feedback channels (including people shouting across the office).
1. Forum-specific searches
2. More emphasis on 'recency' in forum searches
3. Result 'snippets' equal parts useful, useless, long & short

4. More emphasis on 'title' content than 'body' content in forum searches (a description of the desire for 'title only' searches would help here).

A quick observation on forum-specific search feedback. It seems (to me at least) many forum users came to rely on the previous search feature as an alternative forum browsing mechanism as opposed to a pure search (agree? disagree?).

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