• The Sunset • 14-24mm, D3, & Flaring

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Flat view
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• The Sunset • 14-24mm, D3, & Flaring

Here is an example of a forward sun star with gratuitous flaring.

IMHO, it isn't a terrible deal breaker, but, I'd like a yah or nay from the forum; if it's a hindrance or a positive aesthetic.

I personally think it's A-Ok, but what do you think ?
Shot Specs:
Nikon D3
14-24mm f/2.8 @ ISO 400
f/22 1/13 Sec

Larger Version:

Everything about this lens is wonderful, that is, if you can live with it's few short comings.

One thing that is difficult is maintaining a compelling composition with such a wide angle of view. Near, Middle, Far, Sharp FG, Sharp BG is a bit trickier than the 17-35mm IMHO.


Flat view
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