EF 70-200 L vs F-S 55-250 for XSi

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Re: Took this today.....

chris-grant wrote:

I just picked up the Canon 55-250mm lens and decided to go to the
park and take some pictures.

I saw these two guys and walked up to them and asked if I could take
their picture. Well, obviously they posed for me and I think the
picture turned out pretty good.

I will say that the focus in all cases wasn't extremely fast, but for
the most part it was satisfactorily. There was also two weddings
taking place in the park so I took some practice shots of that as

Let me know what you think.

Cool dudes and a fun shot. Highlights are blown (t-shirt has no detail in some areas, even the face paint seems blown in some parts), but I guess you could easily retrieve that if you used RAW. As goes IQ and the lens you used, it is pretty much impossible to say anything based on your photo. Almost any camera and lens could produce a similar result in bright light like that, when downsized to 600x400. The obvious difference you would see with the 70-200 F4L is a much smoother bokeh. But you need to compare at least at full screen resolution (1280x800 is common these days, I guess), and preferably take same shot with two different lenses to judge them at all on sharpness, detail and general IQ. The important thing though, is that you are happy with the results and versatility of your lens. There will always be some that demand even more, but the 55-250 seems great as an allround lens for most people. You miss out on wide angle (but it's better than on the 70-200) but most of the time you can just take a few steps back and get what you want. Sometimes you need to switch to a true WA lens if you want a really good shot of a building or a group of people, but it will probably not be often, and you will probablky keep your 55-250 on 90% of the time. Enjoy!

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