Canon G9 Flash Compatibility List

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Metz 28 CS-2

Actually it's sort of compatible with all cameras with built in flash as it's activated when the built in flash fires. I bought it because I wanted something smaller than my 420 which does work well.

So why buy a separate flash if you still have to fire the one built in to the camera? Here's why I did. First the size appealed, I would probably gone with the 220 but I thought bounce would be nice. With this one I tend not to attach it to the camera using the supplied bracket. By holding it in my left hand I can point it at the wall or ceiling for bounce or point at the subject with my arm outstretched for a modeling effect. I usually have the on board flash at 1/3rd so it gives a fill type light.

Maybe these samples will explain better than my words.

Built in flash only. It looks flashed and the BG is too dark, unless you are going for that effect

This time with the Metz 28 positioned behind the head pointing at the BG, I think it's a better look.

Built in flash only

Built in flash plus the Metz 28 held high at arms length. In truth I didn't take the time to adjust the output of the Metz on this one and did a levels adjustment to brighten it. Hopefully it shows the idea.

I guess you could use 2 of the 28's one for the BG and one on the subject but if you want to got to that level I think you are probably going to use a DSLR and flashes with more power.

Oh here's one I took just after getting the Metz 28 with the Metz placed forward to the side of the frame and pointing at a white projector screen. It was the first test to see if it would work.

Here's an image of the Metz

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