Which lenses would you choose with E-520 ?

Started May 30, 2008 | Discussions thread
OP manolo Forum Member • Posts: 95
Re: What I'd do...

But then I'd buy the 50-200mm SWD and 1.4x next.

The 50-200mm looks much better and more useful than the 70-300mm, but it's much bigger, heavier and more expensive.
I think I'll keep that idea for later.

Next year I'd pick up the 100mm macro, 25mm pancake, and 9-18mm.

I prefer to carry less material during my vacations...

Nevertheless, I'll think about the 9-18mm lens once it will be available, or I may buy a used 7-14mm, if I can find one. That one must be fun to use !

Thanks for letting me help spend your money.

No problem. Thank you for sharing your ideas !

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