How to get tack-sharp A3 prints (and other questions)

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Bas Hamstra wrote:

1. Suppose you have a decently sharp F31 image, and you want to make
a tack-sharp A3 print. How?

Simply, size it to A3 at 300 ppi. The image has to be good to start with though.

2. In post-processing, does it help working in 16-bits mode? Does
this really affect the end-result?

If the image was shot in 16 bit mode, yes. If not - you are not achieving anything.

3. Any of you have any experience with HEMA printservice? Mine were
printed way too dark, my monitor and my homeprints are very alike and
way lighter. Like they used some wrong gamme or something...

I have no experience with HEMA, however, one simple mistake folk often make is to PP in Adobe RGB (or other), when the print service (and most of them) only work in an sRGB colour space environment.

If you edit in Adobe RGB, Pro Photo RGB, etc., and the lab has sRGB, then your images will come out dark and way contrasty. It is a fallacy to think that labs actually know what they are doing. The image should be prepared for printing and set to sRGB colour space. Better still, edit in sRGB to start.

My large CRT is colour calibrated and what I see is exactly what will print. I always instruct labs to make no changes. Most operators at labs will change parameters to suit their own taste or style.

Ad 1: Right now I PP the image like normal, and then send it to the
printer, from Windows or from Photoshop. However, I am not impressed
by the results. I consider to do the following: resize the
unprocessed image in PS to A3 size (40x30 cm) with 360 pixels per
inch (bicubic resampling) and then do some PP and a little extra
sharpening. Would it matter?

It is usually better to do your PP on the original image and resize as the last step. It doesn't make a huge difference, but this is what I do and most folk I know who do this for a living do the same.

Thanks in advance,

Hope it is helpful.


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Rgds, Dave.
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