Batch printing, is Qimage the only solution

Started May 28, 2008 | Discussions thread
Mike Burke Regular Member • Posts: 145
Re: Batch printing, is Qimage the only solution

I have used Qimage for about 6 months and after going over the examples a few times and reading they yahoo blog I can make some sense of the interface. I find that the output is superior to anything else I have tried. The really neat things is you don't have to uprez or downrez any pictures, Qimage takes care of that and the sharpening automatically. Just plug in your original (with any curves, sat, etc) and Qimage does the rest. Just this week my family needed 22 wallet size of the same pic, 5 copies of 7 different pictures 5x7, 2 - 8x10's, and 4 - 4x6's. I just plopped the original jpegs onto the templates and Qimage did the rest. The quality of the pics were great.

Keep at the examples and it will eventually come to you. Great program...

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