Canon vs. Epson Photo Printers

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Re: Canon vs. Epson Photo Printers

What you will typically find on this subject is everyone defending their own printer. The fact is while I am an Epson fan, the Canon produces comparable prints and it is faster and it does have individual ink cartridges for each color.

If you only print photos occasionally, the Epson is the least expensive assuming you are using OEM (the manufacturer's) ink and papers in both respective printers. I say this for two reasons. One, ink cost is cheaper with the Canon per print, but Epson paper is cheaper. Total cost per print, therefore, tends to favor the Epson. See Two, the Epson is significantly cheaper up front which must be factored into the cost per print. My statement is also conditioned on the necessity that you print at least something every other day in color (it does not have to be much- a nozzle check has been sufficient for me) in order to prevent printhead clogging. Continual cleaning of the printhead wastes ink. If this seems like to much of a hassle. Then IMHO that leaves Canon, though you will pay a good bit more up front for the privilege. The tide has definitely shifted to Canon with the current models available, but supremacy tends to be a swinging pendulum.

As for me, I will stay with the Epson. I like the prints they produce and clogging has not been a great issue for me. I have an 800 and 750, both which are still producing excellently. I will either upgrade to the 785 EPX because of its computerless capablility or I will wait on the Epson 960 or 2200. Both use an automatic cutter, which I find attractive. The 960 produces only 2 picoliter drops (a new achievement) and the 2200, a wide printer, uses new ultrachrome pigment inks for enhanced color depth and archival prints. Both will now have individual cartridges for each ink color.

I might add that I have always used OEM inks. That may be one of the reasons why I have experienced less clogging than others on this forum. I said MAY be one of the reasons. Why? -- because others will say they have also always used OEM inks and still had clogging problems. I cannot explain this phenomena where some have few problems and others are throwing away their printers due to clogged print heads. All things equal (minus a defective printer), it would seem logical that each group must be doing something different which brings about a different result and, therefore, a different testimony regarding the Epson printer. Since you hear almost none of these issues with the Canon, the Epson must be more finicky.

If you will do a search on your topic in this forum, you will find boat-loads of various opinions concerning your query. Visit the Canon and Epson sites for comparing individual specs.

Oh, if you want to print on CDR blanks, then to my knowledge, you will have to wait on either the Epson 960 or 2200. I am personally not aware of a printer that has this capablility now. Perhaps someone else will correct me, but to the level of my research, I believe I'm correct on this.

Hope this helps.


nor10 wrote:


I am seeking feedback on going with a Canon or Epson photo printer.

I have heard good things about the Epson 1280 and soon to ship the
Epson 2200. I have heard good things about the Canon S900.

I would appreciate feedback and advisement of any experienced users
of these products...This is my first photo printer so I have no is no real consideration...

In addition, I would like to print on to CDR Blanks if this is
possible with one of these or recommended printers? Thank
you...Please respond to this thread and my email address.

Thank you,

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