the increasing megapixels

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the increasing megapixels

The increasing megapixels atop the sensors of the present generations of compacts ,superzooms and Dslrs seems to be directly responsible for the plummeting IQ of Jpegs and RAW shot,

The unavoidable ' noise' is increasingly making it's presence felt all all ISO settings including the lowest thereby crowding up the details that high MP count pomises!

Noiseware programmes are but a compromise !

All users agree that 6 MP is sufficient however as of now we see high MP cams dominating the scene! It is difficult to purchase a new 6 Mp Dslr/ compact if not impossible!

Not very long ago there were lovely clean images of 5-6 MP cams on the forums !Now there are noisy images from > ,9,Mps instruments! And there are comments of appreciation from viewers even ---This may be because there is a paucity of image files from sensors with a lesser MP count!

Is it that more[of MP] is always better?

Most of the forum users have not found this to be true !

The manufacturers feel that high MP cams sell faster !How can they claim this when we the users feel otherwise?

While persuing the search for that PERFECT cam are we setting aside the IQ of the image ?

While it stands to reason that ease of usage [of the cam] is important ,is it so important so as to beoverriding the importance of IQ of the image !

Are we mistaking the means for the end? [ I mean originally we all set out to capture good quality images with with our instruments--- so how come we now settle for poorer look in the images?]


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