I can't help feeling let down by Canon -- AGAIN

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Re: I can't help feeling let down by Canon -- AGAIN

why? theh rebel is only 3.5fps..whereas the 20D is 5fps..huge difference even if it does not sound like it.

the buffer size and number of raw file stored is much better with the 20D.

resolution is not all and 2mp difference will only show 10% difference if I read it correctly.

as for the 40D vs the 450D, the difference is staggering. 6.5fps and 17 raw in a buffer.. I would go nuts if I was stuck with a 450D.

eJohn wrote:

The first time was when shortly after purchasing a new 20D with an 8
M pixel sensor, Canon releases a new digital Rebel with a 10. I
passed on the 30D holding out for the next in the family, hoping it
would sport a 12 M pixel sensor. Wrong! The 40D gets the Rebel's
sensor with some improvements. Then after I buy the 40D here comes a
Rebel with a 12.

And what about all those who stated that going to that pixel density
would result in a reduction of resolution, that we were treading on
exceeding the lens's resolution.

why would that lead to a reduction of resolution? increasing pixel density will always give more resolution..lets face it, more pixels means more resolution..but the difference is very minimal.

I shoot with the 40D 10mp and my boyfriend shoot with a Nikon D300 12mp and at the end of the day we can't see much difference in our photos when we compare them.

to the point where he actualy bought a 40D and a 400mm lens and he's now selling his 500mm Nikon lens and will get a Canon 500mm F4 IS.

so does the 12mp really make a big difference? nope.

I know my 40D is an exceptionally good camera And I'm not sorry I
bought it. But it still baffles me when Canon gives the goodies away
to their plastic version and adds some even better features to it as
well when compared to their xxD line.

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