S3 IS RAW comparision photos

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Re: Albert Dawson

Hmm, it took me a long while to discover that RAW from my S3 IS is possible, but now I have, and found this interesting thread. Thanks, all, for posting!

I have nothing to contribute here except to ask that those who post here (and yes, I am mainly referring to Kevin Cole's post) please attempt to treat with respect those who sincerely attempt to convey something potentially useful to the forum readers. They may misspell words, use the wrong terms, have differing degrees of technical prowess or interest, etc... but if you stop long enough to give them the benefit of the doubt, to try to understand the message they are attempting to communicate, to value their opinion as much as your own (though you may not agree with it), and treat them with respect, I believe you (and others) will have a more beneficial experience here. Every post adds or subtracts from the "value" of a forum -- those who truly try to contribute, all add value -- albeit some add more value than others -- but those who rip into someone TAKE AWAY value. There can be constructive criticism, if it is valuable to forum readers to contribute that, that does not disrespect or sour the forum, and we are all capable of it.

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